Kendra Kaye

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In my private shows, I make it all about you. I want to make you cum. I love being bad & get off on turning you on. I'm all about making your experience as sexy and hot as possible. I want you to cum!

I have a fetish for being manhandled, meaning I like it very rough. I love being completely powerless against a mans strength, pinned down while he's giving it to me hard, choking me is also a huge turn on. And of course having my ass squeezed hard and smacked even harder to finish it all off.

I have this sexy fantasy of a repairman coming to my house, and while he's fixing up the house, I would walk ever so slowly up to him, in nothing but a thong and heels, and slowly unbutton his pants, slide them down and slip his penis in my mouth, starting slow, then really going at it. Then i'd like for him to bend me over and give it to me good till im screaming his name;) posing being dominant and passionate at same time.

Eating pussy, soft sex, rough sex, and I can make a woman cum any amount of times I want 'cause I can hold my cum in for a while. But when it time to release, I unload a lot, anywhere you want it baby. Also I can make my dick jump when it's really st

confidant women, roleplay being clothed during sex We can never get enough of each other, give us a new idea how we could get even more out of ourselves.

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I am a hot girl, very naughty angel faced a sexy mouth that likes to suck cocks. I love men and women determined to play me for a good while.

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big cocks, small, medium, fat thin, of all colors. Guys, are You dreaming about hot sex? Then come to my show so we can have some fun together! i m very hot

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Kendra Kaye

I love working out at the gym, keeping my ass & bod tight! I love socializing with new people & finding out what their into, it intrigues me. I love people who are just as open as I am and aren't afraid to speak whats on their mind, no matter how dirty it may be;)

Hot blonde pornstar rides it like it's hot

Hot blonde pornstar rides it like it's hot